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Tokyo Toy Show 2007 coverage with video and pics!

Not your Dad's Pride of America 4-9-11 cruise review – Norwegian …
Description : Cubechick wrote: The Captain introduced himself to the group saying, “Hi, I’m Buz.” How cool is that? Out of curiosity, was that Captain ‘Buz’ Radican? The most memorable Latitudes party speech that I have heard was by the captain of … ..

SportChek gear helps you lose the silly walk | Adweek
Description : Sportchek This campaign for Canadian retailer SportChek, from ad agency Bos and director Brian Lee Hughes, isn’t so hot. It feels forced, and kind of derivative. But I dig the icy cube-chick in the spot below! Some dude lumbers down the … ..

Overheard in the Office | Like God Does with Babies.
Description : 12PM Like God Does with Babies. Cube chick #1: I thought you put that up so everyone could see. Cube chick #2: Nope. This is just for me. (deep sigh) I don’t know why they made her bald. Cube chick #1: I think they’re trying to make her …
http://www.overheardintheoffic ..

6 day visit help
Description : cubechick. i would recommend taking out a car, because you’re looking for slightly off the beaten… ..

Overheard in the Office | Just Let 'em Eat While They Nap
Description : Cube chick: How do you love a hamster?! 11460 Johns Creek Parkway Duluth, Georgia. Alsome | Thumbs up | Thumbs down | Wtf? Wtf?; Wtf? | |. Posted 2007-10-09 · E-Mail · Quote · Link · · Click here to see a RANDOM quote …
http://www.overheardintheoffic ..

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